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Investment Planning

Founded 28 years ago by Mr Davies, BAYSIDE ADVICE CENTRE specialises in a comprehensive range of financial services. From investment planning and insurance to superannuation funds and loans, we can provide effective solutions. Here, we help you take the right decisions when it comes to saving or investing your money.

The Differences Between Saving and Investing

It is important that you differentiate between 'saving' and 'investing'. Both involve finance but they are different. At the most basic level, saving is the act of putting money away in a safe place with the intention of using the money in the future. On the other hand, investing means committing money into an investment vehicle in the hope of making a financial gain. Stocks, bonds, mutual funds, collectibles, precious metals and real estate are examples of investment.

Invest Now, Be Happy in the Future – Tips to Invest

  • Start saving earlier
  • Invest in financial markets
  • Having multiple types of investments may reduce the impact of loss on any single investment
  • Focus on long-term potential rather than  short-term price fluctuations
  • Before you start investing, remember that it is important to plan.
  • Compare your assets with your liabilities
  • Make sure you have an adequate emergency fund, sufficient insurance coverage and a realistic budget

At some point or the other in your life, you have to take responsibility of your own finances. So why not let experts help you? At BAYSIDE ADVICE CENTRE, we help you prepare for the future in the wisest way!

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